Innovative Project on the Polish market

The founders, main stockholders and executive management of the joint stock company Impel together with the Executive are conducting an innovative project on the Polish market "People Integration for the Growth of Business".

The programme is focused on the development of management. Internally developed values and success factors of the Impel Group are at the core of the programme. Furthermore, the programme is a reflection of the high level of IMPEL self-awareness in the areas of brand management, organizational growth and managerial development.

"Within the framework of the project, being conducted with Executive, we are introducing an innovative managerial system based on the historical experiences of our organisation as an evolving system as well as personal features of the managers, who have exerted the highest degree of influence over our development to date. It is meant to complement and support the present motivation system based on the change of the economic added value of the EVA Impel Group", says Wojciech Rembikowski Vice-President of Impel SA, Financial Director.

The program is based on the tenant that solutions which best propel growth should be based on unique and authentic values as well as the innate organisational success factors. Particularly, the factors that have led to the present success. If adequately supported they will ultimately lead to the future growth of the brand, company and employees.