Heading To Pomerania

Heading to Pomerania. We would like to invite CEOs and Owners of expanding Polish brands to participate in the BRAND VORTEX™ / BRAND PRIDE™ programme. Executive is currently conducting the BRAND VORTEX™ / BRAND PRIDE™ into the Pomerania region - as integration and support of executives in the long-term growth and expansion of their brands – is a crucial part of our personal mission. We have been successful in establishing cooperation with major Pomeranian entrepreneurial and managerial associations, namely: Pracodawcy Pomorza, Pomorski Business Club, Gdansk Business Club. Thanks to them Executive has gained unique insights into the market and business situation in Pomerania.

Simultaneously, Executive is engaging into co-operation with prestigious Pomeranian institutions of higher education. The outcome of these will be new unique ideas that serve innovative managerial education. We would like to cordially invite Owners and CEOs to participate in the BRAND VORTEX™ / BRAND PRIDE™ programme and their most promising Managers to personally grow within Executive Management Schools.