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Menagement Success Postgraduate Education

To meet the demanding requirements of all branches of business, Tarka Executive's together with Warsaw Management University created original and unique faculties for postgraduate studies that are characterized by short, focused and results oriented education:

  1. Effective Leader of Human Capital;
  2. Creative Sales and Marketing Manager.


It is the sixth edition of the prestigious programme

"Managerial competence in Human Resource management"


Postgraduate studies: Effective Leader of Human Capital

Created on management patterns of the most effective, Polish Managers, obtained with Biznes-Ludzie™ research, conducted by Tarka Executive’s consulting company. The programme of Effective Leader of Human Capital studies is based on Tarka Executive’s Six C-s™ model, which describes six main elements of Human Resource management by leaders from successful organizations. Students will learn about the latest models and practical approaches to management.


Postgraduate studies: Creative Sales and Marketing Manager

Created on management patterns of decision-makers and CEOs of the most prominent and expansive, Polish brands, obtained with Duma Marki™ research conducted by Tarka Executive’s consulting company. The programme of Creative Sales and Marketing Manager studies is based on Tarka Executive's BRAND Vortex™ (Wir Marki™) model, which outlines the main elements allowing to build a strong and lasting managers’ impact on the surrounding market, social and economic environment. Students will learn about the latest models of creating and managing image and brand communication.


Classes within studies will be conducted by the team of Senior Experts of Tarka Executive's, who have significant experience in management. Each lecturer has undergone a thorough training and has many years of experience in the field of interactive teaching of adults and training of managers.

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