Strategic alliance Executive with Ask Europe

Leading behavioral and organisational change specialist, ASK Europe plc, has formed a strategic partnership with Warsaw- based Executive to strengthen each company’s existing  global reach and leverage each other’s talents and core capabilities.

The partnership will enable ASK and Executive to support each other’s existing and new clients across a broad range of projects  and  geographies,  from  individual  executive  level assessment through to senior level people and organisational development.
ASK and Executive share consistent and corresponding values and approaches in both consulting and delivering business outcomes for clients, which includes the consistent application of our shared methodologies when working with clients in the critical arena of Leadership Development, Organisational Development, and Talent Development.
 ASK offers customised organisation, leadership and executive coaching solutions to many of the world’s best known private and public sector organisations, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Invesco and Siemens.

About ASK

ASK is a leading global OD consultancy offering customised management and leadership development solutions to many of the world’s best known private and public sector organisations. Our high impact learning interventions have been creating value for organisations across the world since 1994. ASK improves workplace performance and effectiveness through:

  • Organisational Development – implementing strategies to help organisations change beliefs, attitudes, values and structures and better adapt to new markets, technologies and business imperatives
  • Management and Leadership Assessment and Development – designing  and  implementing  customised high impact assessment and personal development programmes for managers and leaders
  • Executive Coaching – providing timely and positive interventions that meet the challenging coaching demands of executives by helping individuals to identify their goals, access all of their gifts, acquire and practise new skills, and fulfil their potential.

We are Organisational Design (OD) specialists, Executive Coaches and Learning and Development behavioralists rather than educators.

Business Schools and universities typically focus their efforts on providing learners with the knowledge that they need to be effective in their function or profession. By contrast, our experienced consultants help learners to acquire, practise and master the managerial and leadership skills that enable them to be more effective in their roles.

Our approach recognises the durability of habitual patterns of behavior and the personal risks associated with trying to overturn them. We use proprietary processes to measure the transfer and application of learning into the workplace; evidence of effectiveness is then monitored by our unique ResultsEngine® transfer and application system.