Executive has created concept named CAPE HORN CONCEPT™. Inspiration to create that is THE PRIDE resulting from increasingly growing presence of POLISH COMPANIES/BRANDS abroad. Their expansion has become an integral part of Poland’s economy growth, we are present on every single continent, on top of that,  the number of industries represented is growing too.

Executive has addressed the effort of its best experts to understand and describe the process in order to render a professional advice to all Polish companies aspiring to fight for international position. This process in ongoing and we have already a significant number of successfull companies and brands.

We would like the others to learn from such experience, we claim this to be our patriotic mission, which goes perfectly along with Foreign Policy of Poland. We demonstrate a desire to change a perception of Poland worldwide via creating PRIDE IN our COMPANIES and BRANDS  which became famous and successfull.

CAPE HORN CONCEPT™ name is intentionally aimed to create connotations. Cape Horn  this is the symbol, the very well known to all sailors area of specific turbulences, unpredictible stores, powerfull winds and high waves, they need to face.  This is allegory of expansion of Polish companies abroad.


PRIDE on the other hand, is one of the top emotions, which enables to raise activities, consolidates teams of people and gives a power to achive spectacular successes.

Can we measure the level of BRAND PRIDE?

We believe that YES, therefore, we would like to invite Polish business leaders to share their experience and prescription for success. Our expert will contact selected companies in order to set up a meeting to measure the level of PRIDE in success and define the way leading to this.

The research is anonimous, its results will be presented to the companies involved and published in business periodics in Poland and abroad.

We invite therefore such companies to take part in our research.