Executive in cooperation with School of Management in Warsaw organizing MCPL Club.It is a unique platform of knowledge exchange. We are inviting the most gifted listeners from Postgraduate Studies Managerial Competencies in People Leadership. On regular meetings line managers with invited experts have a possibility to establish business contacts, exchange of their experience through involvement the other participants to the discussion and also to share insights on topics of their choice. Through these capabilities we support the development of polish managers and we are giving to our listeners the opportunity of learning from business practitioners, who long-term thriving in their disciplines.



The June Club is dedicated to discussing the topic of "Generations X, Y and Z and the "gamification" of life, including our professional life and management". The notion of a "traditional" upbringing of the young generation, as opposed to values, attitudes and behaviours of the "game" generation. This club will be led by Sister Stanisława Pociecha, and our special guest, Mr Michał Bakuliński, CEO of the company any7. We cordially invite you to join the meeting where Silver Certificates will be awarded to Ms Magdalena Dembiec, Ms Mariola Denkiewicz, Ms Monika Lasota, Ms Sylwia Matuszak, Ms Joanna Syrówka, Mr Adam Adamowski, Mr Krzysztof Bielecki , Mr Tomasz Szmel for the most involved 2012/13 participants. Congratulations!


During our previous meeting we discussed the following topics:

  • Methods of motivating the employees:
    • "Methods of reaching employee consciousness - standard ways of motivating and a new perspective - gamification - or the passkey of the employee?" The meeting was led by our participant Mr Adam Adamowski, Vice Director of Production in VIVA Manufacturing (Poland) Sp. z o.o.. Mr Adamowski is well-versed in ways of motivating employees directly involved in production, defining the criteria of their assessment, as well as, rewarding the employees. The special guest of the May Club was Mr Michał Bakuliński – Co-Founder, CEO of any7.
  • EU Accession:
    • "EU Accession. How to function in such a diverse and international organization?" The meeting was led by Miss Mariola Denkiewicz, Graduate of KMZL. Our prominent special guest was Miss Elżbieta Buczkowska, a lawyer with UKIE, who was involved in the preparation of the laws connected with Poland's accession into the EU.
  • Obtaining the EU Funds:
    • "The real face of the European Union". The meeting was led by Miss Mariola Denkiewicz, a graduate of KMZL. Our special guest was Miss Aldona Kowalczyk-Rębiś,an expert in the area of EU funds.
  • Multitasking:
    • "CROSSROAD. Permanent and temporary project responsibilities". The meeting was led by Mr Krzysztof Bielecki, T-Mobile (PTC), Graduate of KMZL. On this occasion, our special guests were Mr Grzegorz Jędryka, Partner in, responsible for the riskiest and the most compalex undertakings: and Mr Marek Kowalczyk, the CEO of Mandarine Project Partners, a respected professional in the area of project implementation:
  • Sales in the time of crisis:
    • "Anti-motivation and Motivation in Sales". The discussion panel of Miss Magdalena Dembiec, graduate of KMZL. Our special guest was Mr Adrian Idziorek, Head of Sales in Pramerica Financials; his management has been creating top sales teams for many years.
  • Polish Energy Sector:
    • "Energy Sector yesterday and today. Electric construction management and the technical progress". Presentatiopn of Miss Joanna Syrówka, Head of the Board Office of Elbud. Our special guest was Mr Krzysztof Sobieraj, the Regional Director of Invest Bank, an experienced professional in the area of financing investments in the energy sector.

Executive with School of Management in Warsaw has created this platform to support the long-term development of managers which is essential to further growth of Polish business.