Executive Layer of Banking, Insurance, and Providers Industry

Executive and uvision ( want to promote the idea and practice of cooperation as well as information exchange between the management in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe.

Therefore, the schedule of the September 12th meeting is based on reflection, discussion and the acknowledgement of each other’s need as well as the exchange of views.

We care very much to hear and discuss the opinions of the highest management staff of the financial service sector (in banking and insurance). We would also like to see the points of the largest service companies working for the finance sectors in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe.

The expectations concerning the service are certainly worth discussing. Moreover, the strategic selection of deliverers as well as following the sector’s needs and long-term market trends in banking and insurance are also important objectives. We would like such a discussion to emerge on the first, the best and the largest finance market in Central Europe that Poland is.

Therefore we would like to invite our managing staff to build solid cooperation platforms and to exchange information in Poland, Central Europe and on the whole continent. As Executive/ uvision, we are building executive communities in that manner. Those communities are a place of ongoing exchange of knowledge and experience as well as the establishment of the best relationships in terms of decision-making in our region.

The invitation is especially directed to those managers whose brand marks and companies take interest in building durable and profitable business relationships in Central-Eastern Europe.