BUSINESS-PEOPLE RESEARCH™ 2021/ 22. Management Patterns

Tarka Executive’s starts the 3rd edition of the Business-People Research™ 2021/ 22. The Research is devoted to the analysis and synthesis of Poles’ prevailing management patterns – regardless of whether we run a business, a non-governmental organization or a public institution.

The BPR is conducted by Tarka Executive’s every 5 years. Its first edition took place at the turn of 2011/ 12.

During the current edition, we pay particular attention to the issues of: female leadership (facts, not myths) and managerial succession in Polish private companies.

However, the core of the Research, the structure of the confidential Interview with our Interlocutors, and the methods of data analysis and synthesis have remained unchanged for 10 years. These give unique, longitudinal results that allow the observation of the covered, non-obvious management phenomena over time.

Thank you so much for your trust during all previous editions of the BPR™ and other Tarka Executive’s studies! We are happy to meet you again at the turn of 2021 /22!

The results of Tarka Executive’s Research actions have elicited significant response from the leading social and business media (PL):

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