IN SHINE AND SHADOW. Hidden She-Leaders in Businesses

At the invitation of the WSB University in Wrocław, Aleksandra Zyskowska and Krzysztof Tarka from Tarka Executive’s conduct a workshop as part of the Congress of Family Companies – devoted to the role of women in familiy owned businesses and wealthy families.

Tarka Executive’s management research and advisory work for wealthy Owner Families revealed a non-obvious but crucial role of women in the success of male leaders – Founders, Owners and CEOs of established businesses.

As a rule, women are behind the commercial success and personal brand of leading men. Mothers, wives, partners, sisters or nieces. At first glance, their role is hardly visible. But they are holders of critical information about the rules of business functioning. They play hidden but key roles in decision-making processes. They also provide invaluable emotional support for male leaders in times of challenge, breakthrough or crisis.

We cordially invite you to work with Tarka Executive’s advisors on women’s leadership issue – in your company, organization, institution or university. Your long-term success – or failure – may depend on it.

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